selling real estate

Some considerations

Whether it is your first time selling your home or you are already a pro at it – know that it can seem like an incredible invasion of your privacy and needs to be handled with great care and confidentiality. We are sensitive towards this part of our business and strive to provide a safe environment for you during this time. While our marketing is superior we believe our greatest asset is that we take personal interest in your emotional well-being during this process.  The actual evaluation which is your first step when putting your home on the market starts with us dropping by at your leisure and performing a walk through where we will point out possible improvements little touch ups here and there and perhaps some staging tips – our job is to tell you what will actually improve the salability of your place and what will net you more money. Time is of the essence as market conditions change constantly. Have a game plan in mind when you call us for an initial get-together. Together we can expand on your goals and create a time line that works for you. Having realistic expectations is an important factor for a successful move. Keep in mind that while top marketing exposure is essential when selling a property the price is most often the deciding factor in a successful transaction. Start higher, but stay realistic.